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From that day on I wanted to be #1 in the sport. I hadn't really thought down the road about competing nationally or professionally. I just knew this was the sport for me. I like bodybuilding because it keeps me disciplined and makes me work my hardest to achieve the vision I have. I also like the lifestyle that comes with it as far as good nutrition and health.

I had an unfortunate setback during the 2001 season while preparing for the '01 NPC Nationals. I had an accident in the gym squatting on the Smith Machine. I was racking the bar after finishing a set and thought I had it locked, but I didn't. It came down right on top of me and I tore both quads apart from the knees. This required what's called Bilateral Quad Surgery. I had one of the best surgeons in the country, Dr Mark Schickendantz, M.D., perform the surgery. He is the team physician to the Cleveland Indians Baseball team. Dr. Schickendantz worked his magic and made my quads stronger than they ever were before. (Thanks Mark!!!)

I am currently sponsored by Sportpharma which is a great vitamin and supplement company. They've been great to me and I hope to be working with them for a long time to come.